We have all seen how the war made a country like Iraq totally devastated. Once, Iraq was a beautiful country. People used to visit the country not only for religious reasons, but also for the natural beauty like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I was very fond of the country, in particular, because my grandfather lived there. I always had a wish to visit the place someday. Now, if you look at Iraq, it’s just a place of complete disaster.

Just imagine how the people’s lives were shattered because of the war. Children didn’t go to school for a long time. Their houses were destroyed, they didn’t have their basic needs fulfilled like food and shelter. Every day they used to pass a day of uncertainty. People lost their loved ones at war and had to start their lives all over again. This blog is about Iraq and how their children have suffered from the war. We will learn the present condition of Iraq and the children who live there. We will discuss how their conditions can be improved.

Lots of charitable organizations are working to improve the lives of people in Iraq. However, the political turmoil and the massive destruction caused by the war has made the process of recovery slow. If you want to help the children in Iraq, you can take up voluntary work with organizations that are working to improve the lives of children there. You will get expert’s opinion on this blog as well that will give you a full understanding of the situation in Iraq. We hope you will feel the importance of taking care of the children in Iraq and doing whatever you can from your side to make their lives better.